Thursday, 19 April 2012

What according to you are the makings of Famous Diamonds?

It’s our response to a diamond that makes it famous. Or sometimes, it’s the response of diamond towards us that shoots it to fame. It is the appealing beauty of the diamond that counts. When we talk of beauty we are talking about its color, how brilliant the cut is, how unusual is the size of the diamond, its rarity, or of how unusual variety the diamond is.

They are easily the world's most beautiful, and most envied, gemstones. They are used to express romance, flaunt one's status and even as insurance against bad times.
 Yes, we are talking about those scintillating stones, / br / Many of the world's oldest diamonds have an incredible and, at times, bloodstained / br / Each of these magnificent gems is worth a fortune. Click on for a tour of the world's largest diamonds and the legends behind irresistible gems.
Famous diamonds are surrounded by legends of passion, fortune (or misfortune), envy and insanity. It’s sad to say that they have been cause of death as well.
Historical figures like Babur, Shah Jahan, Nadir Shah, King Louis, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Elizabeth Tylor, etc. have contributed to these legends.
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