Saturday, 5 May 2012

BaselWorld: Platinum Design Award winners announced 15th March 2012

Winners of the third Platinum Design Awards competition have been announced at the jewellery industry's BaselWorld event in Switzerland.

Hosted by Platinum Guild International (PGI), a total of 52 platinum jewellery pieces were entered, reports Professional Jeweller.

“Punti di Vista” by Bonato Milano 1960

Pieces were judged by 50 journalists, with the competition split across four categories: men's jewellery, trends and two for bridal jewellery – one for the "most commercially appealing" and another for the most innovative.

PGI chief executive James Courage presented each of the winners with their awards.

Matthia's & Claire won in the commercially appealing bridal category with Ensemble, which also came second in the most innovative bridal section, won by Philippe Tournaire's French Kiss.

Bonato Milano 1960 won for Punti di Vista in the trends category, while Roberto Demeglio picked up the men's jewellery award for the piece Kerouac.

The winning pieces were: -

“Kerouac” by Roberto Demeglio
Bridal Jewellery (innovative design):                                                      

1st place to “French Kiss” by Philippe Tournaire
2nd place to “Ensemble” collection by Matthia’s & Claire
3rd place to “Flow” by Domino

Bridal Jewellery (commercially appealing design):

1st place to “Ensemble” collection by Matthia’s & Claire
2nd place to “Corona” by Gerstner
3rd place to “Platinum tri-set” by Meister

Men's Jewellery:

1st place to “Kerouac” by Roberto Demeglio
2nd place to “Control” by TTF
3rd place to “Crocodile” by Paolo Piovan

“Ensemble” collection by Matthia’s & Claire

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